About Humbles Brand Streetwear

New Jersey-based streetwear brand, Humbles, is hand-dyed American-made clothing with manually printed tattoo-inspired original graphics and psychedelic vibes.

Humbles Brand Streetwear

All good!

That’s our philosophy at Humbles New Jersey-based and artist-owned streetwear brand. We don’t strive for perfection. Instead, we lean into accepting imperfections in the creative process by turning them into attributes. 

Humbles clothing is an artist-made and owned streetwear brand delivering oversized prints on apparel made in the USA.

Monthly drops and the occasional artist/maker collaboration designs are hand-dyed and manually printed at our Trenton, New Jersey, studio.

How is Humbles Brand Streetwear Different?

Even in small batches, individual products offer slight subtleties for eye-catching idiosyncrasies. This is what makes Humbles streetwear one-of-a-kind wearable artwork. 

The creativity of love and understanding foster Humbles streetwear, much like the psychedelic experience. Not all things are perfect, and we can accept and cherish them just as they are. As individual pieces, no singular item is better than another. 

All good!

Humbles Origin Story

Launched in the summer of 2019 at the influential pop-up Wilder Shores in Brooklyn, NY, Humbles' custom print designs caught the attention of the Grateful Dead community and other fellow artists. 

Our illustrations bear a heavy tattoo presence and meld psychedelic themes with childhood characters to evoke easygoing vibes. Bright pops of hand-dyed color swirl under a collage of instantly nostalgia-inducing characters on ultra comfortable streetwear. 

Since our humble beginnings, our small custom order t-shirt operation has become a thriving New Jersey screen print apparel brand. 

One-off items were so successful early on that we needed to keep up with the demand. We gave our customers what they wanted and started producing full collection drops. 

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What's in a Name?

The Humbles name is a nod to childlike wonder and imagination. In the 1980s, an innocent mispronunciation of a Grandmother's porcelain Hummel collection resulted in the eventual namesake. Today, we encompass that and so much more. 


Like the psychedelic experience, Humbles represents a free-spirited and soulful lifestyle in crazy comfort. We embrace authenticity and promote uniqueness with every opportunity.

Humbles Streetwear Collaborations/Partnerships

Humbles has made amazing friendships and formed strong business relationships along the way. We only work with contributing artists and makers to support small-business partnerships and never offshore our products. 

We have ongoing collaborations with the impressive Good Trip Studios

Other great mashups include ceramic makers good house ceramics and variegated troy, and skateboard decks from test skateboarding.

CHUMBLES Streetwear Collaboration

CHUMBLES is an artist and maker's streetwear series featuring five long-sleeved t-shirts adorned in the artist's medium. All proceeds go to the featured artist.

Humbles Brand Streetwear Near Me

You can catch Humbles selling American-made clothing like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and other products at events and pop-ups nationwide, including Wilder Shores, Puffcon, and The Flower Shop

Find Humbles stocked around town and check out Stockist’s list for your local Humbles dealers, including:

  • Mojave Flea, Yucca Valley CA
  • Mojave Flea, Palm Springs CA
  • Fog City Flea, San Francisco CA
  • Shelter Cultivation Project, Burlington VT
  • Jus Organic, Atlantic Highlands NJ
  • Blue Ridge Hemp Co., Asheville NC

Humbles LOVE


Here at Humbles, it’s essential to pay it forward and help those less fortunate. We have proudly raised money for numerous charities for human rights, children’s music education, psychedelic research, and education in screen printing. 

Honestly, there would be no Humbles success without the support of the Grateful Dead community, those we’ve collaborated with, and our loyal customers and business partners. We appreciate every single one of you!

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All good!